Advocate team (AT)

We are blessed with an advocate team of eleven persons. We are part of the same mission. Them in The Netherlands, we in East Asia.

Missionaries of OMF Netherlands are different from a lot of other missionaries in having an advocate team. That’s why we like to explain this model to you very briefly. Every missionary (family) have his own AT. This team is made up of some friends, family and church members of the sending church. Because they relieve us in many ways, we can fully focus on our missionary work in Taiwan. We are very thankful for having them! If you want more information about having an AT, please contact us.


Cobi Vermeij:



Mariska den Breejen:

Secretary / contact person OMF


Izak Vermeij:



Lianne Gorter

TCK coordinator, contact person mission kids 


Evert-Jan Gorter:

PR tasks / communication


Henk de Kruijf:

Prayer coordinator / vice-chairman / contact person church council


Mark Gerritsen:

Contact person Board of Elders


Geurtje de Kruijf:

Contact person mission committee


Herman Willemsen:

Practical affairs


Janneke Gerritsen:

Practical affairs


Greet Kaashoek:

Practical affairs