About us


We are Rik-Jan and Hester Willemsen, born in The Netherlands and we lived in a town called Lelystad. We have four children: Jolie, Vick, Sari and Jamie. Rik-Jan has a bachelor’s degree in Theology and was a self employed hard landscaper, a paver. Hester has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Dutch language. After finishing her studies she was a teacher for about seven years at Hoornbeeck College Kampen. To be better prepared for missions, the both of us also studied one year in England at All Nations Christian College. During this time we became associate members at Welwyn Evangelical Church.



We moved to Taichung in April 2020 where we have been learning Mandarin till April 2022. After this period of language study, we moved to the village of Xingang, where we now live and work as missionaries. We want to share the Gospel with the Taiwanese people, especially with the working class, because amongst this group very few know about the God of the Bible. Of this group of 15.5 million people, approximately ±0.5% follow Jesus.



Taiwan is an open country, where the Gospel can be shared freely. During our mission trip to Taiwan in April 2018 the Lord called us to live here and spread the Word amongst the Taiwanese. God called us very clearly by using Psalm 67. Do you want to know more about this? Feel free to contact us though Facebook or by e-mailWe pray that Taiwanese will come to know Jesus, the living image of God.



We are sended by the Reformed Congregrations Lelystad (Gereformeerde Gemeente Lelystad) and we work with Overseas Missionary Fellowship. OMF is an interdenominational and international mission agency focussing on the unreached people groups in East Asia. OMF is founded by Hudson Taylor, more than 150 years ago.


How long?

We desire to serve our heavenly Father in Taiwan long term. We will stay as long God wills. Our life is in His hand. At the end of every second year in Taiwan we will go on a three month home assignment to The Netherlands. During this time we will also visit the United Kingdom to visit supporters and friends. Our next leave is scheduled from May till August 2024. If we can do something for your church, Bible study group, youth group, etc. we would like to hear from you! We like to share some of our work and motivation. Also very welcome to visit our YouTube channel to learn a little more about what life looks like in Taiwan.