Who we are and what we do..


We are Rik-Jan and Hester Willemsen, born in The Netherlands and we lived in a town called Lelystad. We have four children: Jolie, Vick, Sari and Jamie. Rik-Jan has a bachelor’s degree in Theology and studied for a master’s degree at the Theological University Kampen, but didn’t finish it because of going into missions. Beside studying, Rik-Jan was a self employed hard landscaper, a paver. Hester has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Dutch language. After finishing her studies she was a teacher for about seven years at Hoornbeeck College Kampen.



We will serve the Lord as missionaries in Taiwan. We want to share the Gospel with the Taiwanese people, especially with the working class people. Amongst the working class there are very few Christians. This is a group of 15,5 million people with only ±0,5% professing Christians.



At one hand Taiwan is a free county where you are allowed to share the Gospel with people. But Taiwan is also a country where many persons are spiritual blinded and possessed by all the idols and ancestors they worship. On our mission trip in April 2018 to Taiwan we have seen those things with our own eyes. Because of this we know we are called to share the Word of God with the Taiwanese. This call is anchored in Psalm 67. Do you want to know more about this? Feel free to contact us though facebook or contact.



We are missionaries who work with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF). This is an interdenominational and international mission agency focussing on the unreached people groups in East Asia. OMF is founded by Hudson Taylor, more than 150 years ago. Our sending church is the Bethelkerk Lelystad.



The years 2018/2019 we have studied in The United Kingdom at All Nation Christian College where we prepared ourselves for going abroad to Taiwan as missionaries. At the moment we are back ainThe Netherlands to sort out the last things we also did receive our fourth child in December 2019. We are planning to go abroad to Asia at the end of April 2020. After arrival in Taiwan we will be part of the OMF team and we will do a two year language and culture study in the city Taichung. We will study the Chinese language (Mandarin) and the Taiwanese culture. After this two years we will be connected to an existing OMF mission team to learn from them and get more experience with the local mission work. After four years of studying and working in Taiwan we will have a period of home assignment in The Netherlands. After this home assignment we will go back to Taiwan to start working in an unreached area, where people haven’t heard from the Gospel yet. We have a deep longing to serve a lifetime in mission work. All things God willing.