We live with the confidence that our heavenly Father provides in everything. He is the one who gives and takes away.

We also live with the faith that God works powerfully on prayer. Your prayers are very valuable for us.

Are you willing to give us a permanent place in your prayer time?

If so, many thanks! You can sign up for our prayer letter in which we share some information about our journey and also some praise and prayer points. It’s very encouraging to know you dedicate yourselves to bring us and our work as missionaries before the throne of God.



Are you considering supporting us financially?

We are grateful for that!

Because OMF is an international organisation you’re able to support us without any extra costs. Your donation will be fully used in supporting us. OMF UK won’t withhold any money and there are no transfer costs. It’s also possible to Gift Aid your donation. For a one-time gift please go to the OMF UK website by clicking on the following link 

For a regular gift please go to the OMF UK website by clicking on the following link  


For both options you need the following information to secure the donation will be forwarded to their bank account in OMF Netherlands. 

*Select a destination: Member Support Gifts

*Additional member/project/other information: Family H.J. Willemsen / #107244 / OMF Netherlands / NL88 ABNA 0246 5959 65 


After you completed and confirmed the form, can you please inform our treasurer about your donation? The information he need for the administration contains your name, (e-mail) address, amount of donation, one-time or regular gift. Your information is also useful to double check the donation arrive on the right bank account.  

*Please contact one of the advocates of Willemsen family : Izak Vermeij (the treasurer) at